Beyond Divide and Conquer with Junious Ricardo Stanton

"Leadership is a choice, not a position.
~  Stephen Covey

 By Catherine Austin Fitts

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Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: March 18, 2021

Let’s Go to the Movies: The Booksellers

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Catherine’s Money & Markets Report:
March 11 2021

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Olga Boznańska –
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Last Week's Solari Report: Right to Own and Bear Arms with John Harris, President of the Tennessee Firearms Association

Don’t ever make the mistake we made. Never give up your guns. If you look at what is happening here, it could never have happened if we had not given up our guns.” 
~ An Australian Solari Report subscriber to Catherine, 2021

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Special Solari Report:
Food Series: Protecting Your Fresh Food Supply with Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s Alexia Kulwiec


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